Sheep That Look Like Dogs Or People

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This past weekend I attended His Girls Bootcamp.  It was filled with much information to chew on.  My brain is still on overload.  So much to process, plan and put into action.

This weekend consisted of 3 experts pouring out their knowledge for us attendees to feast from.

These 3 ladies, Susan B Mead, Christa Hutchins and Arabah Joy fed all weekend. So much so, I’m continuing to consume.

As we speak of feeding, I think about love, loyalty and care.

This is our chocolate lab.  Her name is Nestle’.  My neighbor across the street was the owner of Nestle’s dam, a blonde lab.  My neighbor next door was the owner of Nestle’s sire, a black lab. In the fall of 2004, nearly every day for weeks, 1 or all 3 of our girls would trot across the street to give love to this delightful litter of puppies. Often times, they’d return home full of joy and plead, can we pleeeease have one of Mrs Angie’s puppies?  My response was always no.  Not because I never wanted a dog, but because I knew the work involved with feeding, tending and raising a puppy.  Our youngest was 4, and I was happy with finally sleeping through the night and not getting up before daylight.

It was Thanksgiving week of 2004 and these puppies were now 6 weeks old.  Our kids had gone to nanny and poppy’s at the beginning of the week and Richard and I were set to travel there on Wed night after work.  As we were preparing to leave town, Richard said to me something about the kids wanting a dog.  I again said we don’t need a dog.  ? He said, well, I want a dog.  Case closed.  A few hours later, we were the proud owners of a chocolate lab. Well, one of us was a proud owner while the other one was still trying to understand what just happened.

Some may say, I lost this deal. But now, after 12 years, I beg to differ.  You see Nestle has been loyal.  She has been a friend.  A snuggle buddy for us when we were tired, sick or sad.  She grieved with us when Richard passed away.  As our 2 older kids grew up and left the nest, she sat at the door waiting for them to return.  She sleeps in the room with our youngest.  And even when she’s ornery and decides to dart out into the yard as a visitor opens the front door, they may be quick to apologize for letting her out but I’m just as quick to say, Oh it’s okay.  She’ll be back.  She knows where she gets fed. Isn’t that true of us too?  We tend to go where we are fed. We tend to remain loyal to those who help us grow and move us along in our journey.

This weekend was an opportunity to be fed.  You see, I met Susan at the Declare Conference and again at Propel.  I met Christa at a Propel Conference and have had the privilege of sitting under her coaching.  And Arabah, although I have yet to meet in person, I have been reading her content for some time.  It enriches and keeps me going back.

Although I am new to this blogging world, I have been fed much.  So much so that I am trying to utilize Christa’s Mind Mapping tools to work through it.  It’s scary to wander through the paths of cyberspace and wonder if you’re feeding the sheep as you’ve been called.

We read about feeding the sheep in John 21:15-23.  Jesus asks Simon Peter 3 times if he loves Him and Peter responds with “You know that I love You”. Jesus’ replies are for Peter to feed His lambs/sheep.  This is hard for me to swallow at times because when you feel as though you’ve been called to do something, there is a responsibility that comes with it.  A responsibility to show love and loyalty to the One who calls as well as to those you’re feeding.

You see, at this season of my life, I have been called to study God’s word, mediate on it and teach it and how to study it to others.  I’ve been called to feed sheep in this way. I’ve also been entrusted with teaching in the area of personal finance. Richard and I worked through years of struggle in the area. My heart empathizes with those who feel hopeless about managing money.

Sharing my knowledge and story is a way of giving praise to God for the way He’s worked in and through my life.  And those who know me personally, know He still has work to do.  ?  However, my loyalty remains in Him.  My love remains in Him. Therefore, may I be the person who not only eats to fill a void, but eats to be nourished so that I may feed others. Jesus does that! Jesus feeds us so that we may feed others.

I don’t know what your “sheep” look like.  But I want to encourage you to feed yourself so that you may be the shepherd you’ve been created to be. If you don’t know where to begin?  I’ve provided links below to Susan, Christa and Arabah’s sites and/or products.  Please feel free to begin here.

Susan B Mead is the author of Dance with Jesus: From Grief to Grace

Christa Hutchins who coaches at Do A New Thing

Arabah Joy feeds people at  She has a new program coming out that you don’t want to miss: Bible Study Methods: 7 Ways in 7 Days. This course will begin March 14, 2017 so sign up today!

If you are a fellow blogger/writer, you can purchase the Bootcamp replays at His Girls Bootcamp.  It may just be what you need to move you to the next level.

Thank you Susan, Christa and Arabah for being shepherds in your field of expertise.




*affiliate links included in blog post

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  1. Teresa, it was a pleasure to spend time with you this weekend. Hanging out with Jesus girls like you feeds my soul. Thank you so much for being part of what we are doing. You are a blessing!

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