Father’s Love in a Ford Fiesta 

When I was a teen, I drove the family car until I got my own car.  I couldn’t wait to have a car that I could call my own.  I mean, driving a 197(?) Chevy Impala was a little much.  I felt like I was driving a ship or something.  While still in high school, my parents bought me a 197(?) Red Ford Fiesta!  Now THAT was more my style…  well not really, but it was “mine”.  It was mine, yet my parents did everything to give it to me….  Sounds almost like a toddler..  Mine, mine, mine.
 Ford Fiesta

 This picture makes this car look all sexy and romantic.  Who wouldn’t want to take a drive out to the beach and raise the hatchback and enjoy each others company?  It looks like a dream!

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