Why the Bible is Important to Me

rtstowellI was asked recently to share why God’s Word is important to me.

Although I could speak for days on how His Word has truly transformed my life, I thought I’d include 4 points and then share the video shown to my church family.

    1. Hide the word of God in our hearts so that I may not sin against Him

  1. It is important to know truth for ourselves

  2. We can’t really love, admire and respect someone until we know them.  

  3. We transform as our minds are renewed.

Here’s a quick peek to the video  

If you’re new to Bible reading/study, I’ll share a few resources that have been incredibly helpful for me as I have walked through trying to figure this all out as well.

Women Living Well walks you through reading the Bible cover to cover.

IfEquip exists to gather, equip and unleash women to live out there calling

Proverbs31 Ministries provides daily devotionals, online bible studies and more.

Jen Wilkin teaches Bible literacy and says “the heart can not love what the mind does not know”.  Her teaching has been incredibly helpful for me.


These are just a few resources that will help you in your journey to find and know God.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out.  Looking forward to hearing of your quest to learn more about the Creator.



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